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Connect directly with your social media group members

Keep in touch with your group members securely, and broadcast to everyone with 100% reach


New Haven CT Startup Founders (Sample Group)

John Doe
Auckland, New Zealand
Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Skype E-mail
I'm a web develper with startup experience especially in SaaS and B2B systems, looking for new connections.
Dagny Taggart
New York City
Facebook Reddit WhatsApp E-mail
I run StartBiz, we are placed at down town Manhattan and looking for people to join our networking circles.
Alex Jones
Philadelphia, US
LinkedIn E-mail
Invested in three SaaS startups, I'm looking for new opporunities to leverage on my experience and capital.
Samantha Levy
London, UK
Facebook Reddit WhatsApp Twitter Skype E-mail
A SaaS product manager for a London based startup, interested mainly in UX/UI ideas.
Martin McLachlan
Auckland, New Zealand
Facebook LinkedIn E-mail
CEO of an Auckland based b2c transport solution app, looking for developers and staff to hire.
Olivia Smiths
Boulder, Colorado
Looking for any startup opportunities in the health sector.
Robert Williams
Los Angeles, US
Facebook LinkedIn Twitter E-mail
In between jobs, I'm looking for my next opportunity as a react developer.
Ava Donalds
Wellington, New Zealand
Facebook LinkedIn E-mail
CEO and self employed, entrepenurships is my life and I look to connect with like-minded people.
James Karshi
Blog LinkedIn Twitter E-mail
A blogger, I moved to Samoa after a successful exit, now devoted to promoting the startup lifestyle.
Mia Gonzales
San Paolo, California
Facebook Instagram Twitter Howcast E-mail
Founder of a SaaS startup, an entrepeneur in soul, I'm here to learn more and connect with others
Emma Murphy
Auckland, New Zealand
Facebook LinkedIn E-mail
Content writer with 7 years of SEO experience, looking for new clients.
Raj Kumar
Chicago, US
Facebook LinkedIn E-mail
A PM and BA with 10 years of exprience in the corporate world, looking for my next challenge.

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Why Group Gorilla?


Instead of repeated introductions, group members can learn of others in the group from Group Gorilla.


Have direct contact with other group members, their full contact details and social cards

100% REACH

Maximize your broadcast reach to group members, without any "algorithms" deciding for you

How it works

Setup a unique group page that links back to the group's Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn or any social media asset

Start now

Each group member can create a profile page with contact details and an agenda

Forget about repeating introductions every time a new member joins, now they can learn about other group members on Group Gorilla

Have a look now

Group admins have full control of the Group Gorilla page and can broadcast to all members with 100% reach

Start now


Some ideas of how to work with Group Gorilla below

What is Group Gorilla good for?

If you are a member of a Facebook, Whatsapp or LinkedIn group, you noticed that new members don't know who is already on the group and why. Introducing the old members to the new members each time a new member joins, is not feasiable. Group Plugin is saving the hassle: each group member has got a short profile with contact details that can be accessed by all other group members.

Can anyone open a Group Gorilla group or is it just Facebook group admins?

Yes, anyone can open a group on Group Gorilla, regardless on which platform you run your group: Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn... whatever platform you use.

How can group members find about the Group Gorilla group page?

We recommend you to post your Group Gorilla Page URL in the description of your platform group, so new members can know where to find it. I.e. post the Group Gorilla URL on your Facebook / Whatsapp / LinkedIn group description.

What can I post on my Group Gorilla profile?

You can post your name, photo, location - so people can know in which city you live, your contact details and a short liner that explains what are you looking for by joining the group.

I'm a group admin - why should I ask my group members to join our Group Gorilla group?

As a group admin, you want to be able to connect with all your group members. With Group Gorilla you can get ownership of your group members data: you can broadcast to all members and export their details to a CSV file.

What do you mean by "Group Gorilla has 100% reach to group members"?

When people post on a social media group, the algorithm is reaching 2% to 5% of its members. When a group admin is broadcasting to a Group Gorilla group, all members - 100% - will receive the broadcast.

How much Group Gorilla costs?

Group Gorilla is 100% free to use.

Our team

Hi, my name is Eran and I'm a web pioneer, I love to create startups and love new ideas. I run social media groups since the early beginning, but found it hard to have a direct connection with my group members. Then I had this idea for Group Gorilla: how could I help people connect better with their social media groups, and without any "facebook algorithms" and "linkedin algorithm" disturbing in the way?
Feel free to contact me anytime: [Eran's website]   [Eran's blog]   [Eran's LinkedIn]

Get going in 2 min! It's free!